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Atlantic is a company with a top innovation pedigree. Our founders did not choose patent licensing as a business model but rather it chose them. In 1998, the founders formed a start-up company based on cutting-edge data compression technologies.

They demonstrated this technology to the leading technology companies of the day and sought to commercialize it. As is so often the case, after the demonstrations, the very same leading technology companies implemented the patented inventions into their products without permission and without compensating the company. Attempts to negotiate reasonable licenses failed requiring the initiation of litigation. 

After years of hard-fought litigation with many of the top technology companies, the founders developed an expertise in patent licensing and formed Atlantic to provide the same for other inventors. Atlantic’s goal is to assist other inventors and companies that support them to monetize their inventions.

Atlantic provides an invaluable service to the economy by allowing inventors to do what they do best: innovate. Atlantic has been successful in assisting with monetizing thousands of patents and providing compensation to numerous inventors and innovative companies throughout the world. Atlantic continues to provide an avenue for inventors to monetize their inventions which ultimately fosters further innovation.  

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